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Car Events & Car Meets in UK

What could be better than many sports cars in one place, if you are wondering where you can see Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren in one place near you. Choose the best event now, see the calendar below.

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Alliance can offer transportation to many different types of event.

We are able to provide comprehensive support to:

Concours Events

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Rally Events



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Alliance is specialized in hassle-free vehicle transports all across the United Kingdom. Our drivers do not know what far away means. We’ve been doing trips from London to Scotland, and to one of the biggest showrooms & car, event meets in Great Britain. Everyone knows what great feeling it is to go with your car on car meets, where you can see vehicles from the 1950s to 2021. Sometimes you can not drive your lovely automobile because it is a non-runner or it has other technical problems that stopping you from driving it to the event. Of course, that is why we are here to help you achieve your automobile needs. Choose Alliance 24/7 Vehicle Transport & Recovery for fast, efficient, and reliable transport of your lovely classic car or the newest sports car on the market.

car event meets across Great Britain

There are a lot of car event meets across Great Britain. For those who do not know what is have, there will e found down below.
The car events are not just lunch of cars on a big lawn. There is a lot more. When you went there, you will find a lot of other activities, such as racing tracks, a drag racing fund for people with problems, and even sometimes there are helicopters, where you can have a ride with your family or friends. You can find most of the events in the United Kingdom shown down below.

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We offer transport of all vehicles throughout the UK up to 2600 kg, Battery Jump Start In London , Roadside Assistance London . Breakdown recovery services for All type of vehicle in London up to 2600kg

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