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Vehicle Breakdown Recovery

We know that you take as much care as possible when travelling with your car, but accidents can happen. Whether you get into a small accident or realise you have a flat tyre, faulty light or flat battery, it can be stressful trying to find help at short notice. However, at Alliance 24/7, we come to the rescue straight away. Our team of experts specialise in a car breakdown services, including breakdown recovery and roadside assistance. We’ll send someone to you who will work on your vehicle roadside to see if we can fix the issue. If not, we’ll transport your vehicle where you need it to be.

What's Included

What is roadside assistance?

In basic terms, roadside assistance is our service that helps get your car back on the road when it breaks down. It differs from car insurance, and often you don’t need to claim due to a minor call out. It covers everything from providing a jump-start to
battery replacement, tyre change, or even key recovery.

If something more serious has happened such as an accident, or putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle, we can help with that too, transporting your vehicle to a garage or destination of your choice.

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Receiving help from Alliance 24/7 is easy. All you have to do is call us for breakdown recovery in London or across the UK, and
we’ll send one of our experienced technicians as soon as possible. We’ll fix your problem if we can, but if further action is
needed, we can tow vehicles up to 2,600kg. We are the go-to support you need if your vehicle lets you down.